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Solar pool heating with a durolast roof?

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Our gas pool heater just expired. We are big-league bummed out. However, I am thinking that it might be a good time to change to solar pool heating.

Has anyone installed any of the solar pool heating systems on a durolast roof? The roof is gently sloped.

Also, anybody know a good dealer/installer?

Since we can't even run our pool filter as it is, we're going to have to get this job done fast, or replace it with another gas unit, which seems a shame.


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Ya know, I have been thinking about a heating system for my pool for a while, but it is expensive. Instead I went to Leslie pool supply and bought a bubble-wrap type pool cover. It works excellent during the summer. It is likely not a good option during the winter and I would not know since I just got it a month ago.

Anyway, just an idea.


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