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Supplemental heating

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Joined: May 8 2004

Has the jury decided what kind of supplemental heating is most efficient for Eichler homes? Space heater, radiant heater, etc. ? We just have too much carpet, extra flooring layers, etc. My mother-in-law will soon be here for 8 weeks this winter, and I'd like raise the temperature beyond low 60s, as efficiently as possible, for at least the living room and kichten areas. The bedrooms are not so important.
Any ideas appreciated.


Joined: Dec 21 2006

I've been using the radiant oil heaters, I have 2 that I roll around the house depending on which room we're in. The heat bedrooms up pretty quickly, the big rooms are tough, all of the heat goes right out the windows if you don't have them covered.

good luck!

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