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Need some general help with Cliff May remodel

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Current home since 1990. Have restored most windows/fr. doors to original, white paint recent on ceiling, beams, walls (Swiss Coffee)
White carpet all rooms except baths/kitchen where white tile.
Need alot of help/suggestions with what type of floors to put in that would be in keeping with the Cliff May home (but not a pure slave to retro/authenticity). Perhaps complimentary materials/furniture. White carpet is killing me. Considering travertine marble (beige) for all traffic areas, kitchen/baths, entry/family room. Would that be appropriate?
What about linoleum? I recall that house had orinal tile/linoleum when I first gutted the house and had to just lay carpet on to concrete slab.
Also, need help with new kitchen, appliances, counter tops----would formica still be appropriate----have porcelain tile on it now but big maintenance. Existing furniture is Chinese, Louis IV, Early American (don't laugh, really need some input.) Also on budget of sorts. My home is in Long Beach Ranchos and would welcome a call from anyone with similar home or some design help. Oh, house also full of surfboards, skateboards, skiis, snowboards---all mine. Sixty-ish guy with not much taste but want the place to be a knock-out. 562 425 4884 please call or email. Todd

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you can see a bunch of appropriate flooring options in-situ here:

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Todd, if you still need help with your Cliff May, let me know. I am 5 years into a budget conscious Cliff May project and can tell you some dos and don'ts

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