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Vintage Thermador oven WO18A

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Joined: Jan 23 2006

we bought our house months ago and this Vintage Thermador oven came with it. It's in perfect working conditions but my husband and I would like to find a new home for it.
Is anybody interested?

Thanks and regards

Joined: Mar 20 2003

what are the dimensions?

Joined: Jan 23 2006

Hi Joe, dimensions are:

cut out: 21" x 27"
outside: 24" x 28 3/4"

Joined: Jan 26 2006

Hello from Indiana! We are in need of several replacement parts for our WO-18A masterpeice single electric oven. It has been in our home since the mid-50's and such a pleasure to use for baking and broiling all these years. We also have the Thermador electic counter-top range with four burners, built in griddle and soup pot! We would rather not replace this 24" oven unit, since it would change the whole look of our vintage kitchen. Would you be willing to sell several interior parts? They are easily removed with a screwdriver, after the electricity has been shut down. We are in need of the ceremic connection unit in the bottom of the oven; it connects to the lower bake element that removes by pulling forward. The ceremic unit has two screws into the back wall and then three wires attached to the back of the ceremic unit. It can be removed without taking out the entire oven unit. Also a side wire pulley system (found under the front clock plate) that holds the door pull would be nice as one of ours has broken. Anyway, if you are interested in selling parts (ceremic plug unit, lower bake element, door pulley wire) please let me know---or even the whole unit can be boxed and shipped--if the price is right. How much would you need for these items???

Joined: Feb 9 2006

Hi, Cristina,

Did you already part with the oven or is it still available. We live in Sacramento and would be able to come over and pick it up. Let me know,


Joined: Jan 29 2005

Hi all,
We also have an original Thermador Masterpiece WO-18A oven for sale. It's in great working condition so we'd prefer to sell it whole and not break it into parts. If anyone is interested in it, you can see our ad Iwith pics) on Craigslist: or call / email us for more details.

you shouldn't throw stones, either!

Joined: Mar 27 2006

I need to repair or replace one of my 1951 Thermador ovens. It needs a new thermostat, but I would not mind replacing it with another that matches it. It is stainless steel with a couple of vents on the door, no clock, just a central thermostat knob.

Joined: May 19 2006

We just posted our vintage Thermador wall oven set on craigslist, but thought someone on this network might be interested in it.

SW Portland, Oregon


Joined: Jun 1 2006

I have a WO18a for sale as well as a cooktop. They have the instruction manuals with them. Hardly used the house had two kitchens and this one was only used on holidays. Willing to crate and ship at buyers expense.

Joined: Mar 20 2003

I finally got tired of having it in the garage so I am pulling everything usefull off of it. Here is what I have:

Upper and lower heating elements
Oven Racks
Thermostat with temp probe and knob
Clock with knobs and trim ring
Timer with knob and trim ring
Door handle

I am going to take a shot at getting the door pully system and the connectors for the heating elements out - that did not go too well yesterday so we will see. Email me if you are interested.



Joined: Apr 2 2003

I've been searching for the rotisserie acessory on my vintage Thermador. Does anyone that has posted parts available have such a thing?


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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