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wall insulation: worth it?

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Joined: Mar 25 2003

One or two sides of my exterior siding may need to be replaced. It seems logical to go ahead an replace the third in order to be able to add insulation and electrical (and stain instead of paint).

Has anyone gone to the trouble of insulating the walls? If so, did you notice much difference? Is it worth it?

Joined: Aug 30 2003

Hi Tom,

I thought you moved to Chicago last year? Maybe I am confusing you with someone else, sorry.

Regarding your question, "yes" absolutely! You should definitely take the opportunity, while your walls are "naked" to pull the old insulation, if there is any (it was an option!) and put in modern R-12 fiberglass insulation. We did it a few years ago on one entire side of the house and the front wall and we're sure it made a difference. The cost is modest.


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