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Wall Mounted Cabinet/Drawers and Shelving

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Joined: Jul 27 2007

We have a beautiful wall mounted walnut colored wood cabinet system that has been removed from our Foster City Eichler. It is the kind with the wood mounting rails and then has floating components that include drawers, shelves and also a cabinet, it is quite lovely but really just doesn't work for our space.

Would love this to go to someone who would like it for their eichler or other mid-century but if I don't hear from anyone by the end of the week I will post it on to Craigslist.

Unfortunately I didn't take photos before they were removed.


Joined: Apr 19 2007

wow... sounds like a great find. we're in dire need of furnishings for our eichler (currently in renovation)... we've moved from a 2-bedroom with no office to a 4 bedroom (one of which is an office). you can find me at red (at) redneckmodern (dot) com if it's still available.

... and in re: to your earlier post about flooring... we just had our entire home floored in black VCT for under $5K total (installed)... we couldn't hoped for a better experience and product (and price)... at least so far. and as far as off-gassing... i'm guessing i'll be inhaling plenty of other bad things during this renovation, so that's the least of my worries (and the glue didn't smell a bit).

Joined: May 20 2004

If these are still available I would definitely take them.

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