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What are these pipes?

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Hi there! 

My wife and I have just purchased our first home - and it's an Eichler. I have always loved and wanted one and now we are lucky enough to have one. 

That being said, I've been checking all of the systems throughout the house making lists of what needs to be attended to etc. While on the roof this eveing, I saw some copper pipes on the roof, some parts still wrapped with insulation but most dry-rotted off. I originally thought it might be the hotwater to the bathrooms but I am not sure why it would have been run from the garage to roof and across.

I have attached photos here:


Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated. 



Joined: Apr 17 2014

(I think they are hotwater pipes)

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They are hot water pipes. My recommendation (at a minimum) is to re-insulate them with a wrap. The best stuff at Home Depot is $2 or so a 6' section. If you are in an area prone to near freezing temps, you can also obtain a wire coil heater to wrap down the length of the pipes (before you wrap them) and have it switch on when the ambient air temperature nears 34F. As to why they are there, since you are new to Eichler, your original plumbing (including sewers, drains, hot water and cold water, were poured in place into the concrete slab foundation. When hot water systems failed, it was easier to run pipes over the roof than jackhammer up the floor. Not having an attic, they sit on top of the roofs. Mine is the same.

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