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Is this foam roof beyond repair? (Planning to make an offer on Eichler) Thanks!

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We are considering making an offer on an Eichler. The current owners have not been great about maintenance, including the roof. They put on a foam roof in 1990 (24 years ago), but haven't provided any records of re-sealing. The seller-provided inspector provided some pictures of some damaged area on the roof and noted that there were some punctures. 

Obviously if we reach terms with the seller, we will have a roof inspection.

But before we go down that road, I thought the kind and knowledgeable folks here might have some words of wisdom for us. 

Here are some pics:

Is this roof shot? Salvageable? 

Thoughts or suggestions?



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Comments and recommendations from roof companies more than welcome! Thanks.

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Best way to handle an old foam roof when an Eichler is being prepared for sale:
Ideally, you want to sell your Eichler with a defect-free roof. Anything less, you will be negotiating for big bucks with a worried purchaser.

A quality foam roof is the only kind of roof that is renewable.

We have found that it saves money and trouble to clean up the foam roof surface before the Eichler goes on the market, so any roof inspection report finds nothing to do. Often, the roof can be carefully cleaned and touched up with exterior caulk. Sometimes it is best to clean up the roof and install a new layer of coating....this way you have a roof that looks brand new, with supporting documents and a written warranty.

Don't trust the people that come knocking on your door soliciting recoat work. Recoating is technically demanding and requires very specialized: knowledge, experience, equipment and materials. Even experienced painting professionals are very likely to ruin your roof. Owners can touch up with caulk, but should not recoat their own roof. A poorly done recoat cannot be fixed. Partially adhered coating is unrepairable and cannot be hidden with more coating. Imperfectly adhered coating will gradually stretch and release even on areas that were adhered originally. 99% perfect preparation and adhesion is a failed job, with unavoidable visual and financial repercussions.

Flat and low slope roofs are covered with dirt and stains. A stained surface makes adhesion difficult. This is why we like to do the recoating at 5 years. The roof is almost new, and the adhesion is better. After the first recoat, you are fine for decades. Our own office roof (10,000 sq. ft.) was installed in 1983, recoated in 1988 and still looking great today at 32 years old.

The foam roof in your photos looks great. Punctures can be fixed in a few seconds. Go to Dura-Foam website, fill out the "service inquiry" form. We likely have the service history on this roof and will happily relay this history to you.

Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

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