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Window Washers in Marin please

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Can anyone estimate good reliable window washers in Marin County?
Thank You.

Joined: Aug 12 2004

My dad owned a specialty butcher & grocery shop that had it's plate glass windows cleaned monthly.

As a kid, I watched and learned their secrets and use it on my Eichler's plate glass windows.

Most use towels and just smear it and then with tons of elbow grease, polish it clean.

Those who use squeegees, use too much water.

Soft, short brislted brush or one with a rag over the bristles will do.

Soapy water that has vinegar & dish detergent in a small bucket.

Wide squeegee and a pole long enough to reach the top. This pole should also fit the above brush.

Wet the brush lightly. No dripping, just wet enough to carry onto the glass.

Then work the soapy water over and into the dirt on the glass with many strokes for dirty windows. There should not be an dripping water.

DO NOT allow this to dry.

Now squeegee it. Cut a line along the top edge with the squeegee held at an angle to only have about 1-2 inches touching. Squeegees work best when they start from dry glass and moves onto wet glass.

Then draw it down along one edge. Wipe the squeegee dry and sop up any water along the bottom.

Repeat over one squeegee width.

We do this on both interior and exterior glass of all sizes.

It takes more time to remove or move things, then put them back, than to actually do the glass cleaning.

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