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X-100 in Dwell Magazine

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Joined: Mar 21 2003

The Jan./Feb. issue of Dwell has an article about Eichler renovation with a focus on the X-100. Check it out.

John Elledge

Joined: Aug 28 2003

I read the article and found it fascinating. The comparison of two different Eichler owners--one an architect with over 70 Eichler renovations to his credit and another who is more tolerant of personal preferences in rennovations in her neighborhood.
I found it odd the architect was quoted as saying that people who like Victorian architecture and antiques are "immoral". Excuse me--in what context are they immoral?
I agree that it is wrong to try to change an Eichler into a Victorian home in a neighborhood where people have restored or never altered their homes--that does in effect ruin a historic neighborhood. But other than that how is someone's aesthetic taste immoral? Certainly if one's preference is for antiques even if they look out-of-place in a modern home to many of us they do not ruin the architectural integrity of the house. I believe to each his own in the home furnishing department. I have seen Victorian homes with Eames chairs and they don't look that bad to me but to a 19th century purist I am sure they would.

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