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2-car Garage (sliding doors) insulation recommendations

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I am looking to better insulate my 2-car garage (slidding doors). While insulate the walls/ceilings is pretty easy, I am trying to figure out a way to insulate the doors area: with the doors sliding I am wondering what are the smart way to achieve this goal...any ideas (and photos) welcomed!


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Not too many options re. Insulating your Eichler garage door.  The only way that makes sense is to do this:  Make paper patterns for the areas inside the door framework.  Use the patterns to custom cut 1 1/2" thick foam boards, or 1" thick if you like the look better.  The 1 1/2" should make the total surface very flush.  Seal the edges with silicon caulk. Paint the inside surface to suit.  The foam boards are fragile and cheap, and will be very susceptible to gouging and impact damage.  You could consider covering the foam and frame with 1/4" paneling or plywood.  I suggest you paint the image of the original framework, else it will look pretty terrible.   You will need to work around the metal guide on the floor by the center post.

It will help a lot to seal the edges with the 2" thin, flat gray flexible plastic insulation material to stop air infiltration.   This also keeps dirt out.

Naturally, I have not actually done this..

Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

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We had done (by our "handyman") essentially what Randy said to try (foam insulation covered with plywood).  It really has helped to moderate the temperature as our garage faces west.  We are in Cupertino in case you want to stop by and look.  I painted the plywood and it looks fine.


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