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Anyone have cable lighting in living room?

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Hi All,
I have a "dual hallway" 4/2 Eichler in Palo Alto from 1958-59, and I am thinking about adding cable lighting in the living room.

This floorplan has a pitched roof in the living room, and the proposal is to run the cables perpendicular to the main beams, in parallel to the tounge and groove roof boards. The cables would actually be drilled through the beams (about 2/3 down) and anchored on both ends, with power being supplied from a transformer hidden up on the wall that divides the living room from the kitchen.

But before doing all of this, I'd love to see a real life example of how this turns out. I'm just a little afraid that cable lighting is too much of a fad that has already run its course, while others seem to think it would fit right in.

So if you have such a system, and would be willing to let me take a peek sometime, I'd really appreciate it.


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Great photos. How much electricity do those little halogen (I think) lights use. I have known those to get smoking hot.

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We've installed about a dozen or so cable lighting systems, about 2 dozen other modern surface mounted (flexable track, rail, duo rail, micro track), systems, the transformers range from 100W (HD specials) to 600w; the lamps are usually 20w or 50w.
There is a method of using certain mounting pegs (we just installed one in the Highlands last week) that attach to the side of the beams, run parallel to the beam, and the cables and fixtures clear the bottom of the beams by 1"-2".
I Think that drilling the beams should be a last resort. For a good link relating to surface mounted lighting check


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Double check your city permit rules.

Calif is/has changed/changing the lighting rules of the road.

Incondesent lighting is going to very limited and gas vapor the "main"
type authorized.

Also consider the dust/cleaning overhead. My sweetie isn't a "dust bunny",
so I end up having to do the hard to reach. Okay now that I'm home most
of the time (laid off), but when working, didn't need additional tasks on the

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