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appropriate stain for baseboards?

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I'm going to be sanding and restaining some of the mahogony baseboards in our house which have faded either due to abuse or cleaning products.

I know there's some good recipes for stains (mostly Watco danish oil Fruitwood and walnut) to match existing wall paneling colors, but what have people done for the baseboards? Do the stains that give good color matches on the lauan/philipine mahogony walls work equally well on baseboards, or did you have to use a completely different recipe for the baseboard wood?

I'd be interested in hearing other's experiences before I go off buying quarts of stain.



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Re-opening this post, as a zombie thread.
We have the same question. Anyone know what was used to originally finish the mahogany baseboards? Danish oil, tung oil, shellac, or something else?

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