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Arcadia Sliding Glass Door latch

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Joined: May 8 2003

One of my sliding glass door latches's spring mechanism broke. I googled around and noticed that some folks have asked a similar question of finding replacement parts of the Arcadia Eichler sliding glass doors.

I found a site that *may* be what I need.

There is a link to a PDF file that describes a "700 series" sliding glass door replacement parts. I took my latch apart and it doesn't appear to match it.

I live in Sunnyvale, CA. From reading previous posting, it appears that Eichler used different door models for diffierent areas. Does anyone who live in my area know if anyone may have old latches they don't need anymore? Or have anyone used another type of latch mechanism as a replacement that fits in the same footprint as the original latches?

Here are some pics of latch.

- Jimmy

Joined: Oct 10 2003


short answer: I have and old one that may work, but you might be able to find a new one. save the little lever arm that pulls out though. email me tomorrow at lcheng-at-ideo-dot-com.

long answer: We had a broken pane replaced in one of our arcadia sliders last year and after the repair the latch didnt work properly. The glass guy (from Franciscan Glass in Palo Alto, but I cant remember the guys' name) happened to have a new replacement mechanism in his truck. from what he said, it didnt sound like the piece was too uncommon, and yes it looks like what you have pics of. I dont think is was Arcadia branded.

Also, after he replaced the mechanism, it didnt fix the problem, and he ended up adjusting the door frame and fixed the problem. He was kind enough to leave the new mechanism in, and I have the old one as well.

So most likely the old one I still have is OK, as it didnt seem to be the source of the problem, but maybe it was. But if the glass guy could pull a new one out of his truck, you should hopefully be able to find a replacement around.

Joined: Mar 22 2004

i live in sunnyvale (the fairbrae area) and had a similar problem last winter. arcadia was sympathetic but my door model was discontinued. they (or somebody) pointed me to a glass company in redwood city. Please contact me at kw AT for the name and contact info.

in my case, the latch mechanism (the half-moon shaped thing in your photos) was fine but i needed a new lock core. the glass folks looked through their catalogs, found one that would fit, and ordered it for me.

note, you really need to go up there and show them all the bits and pieces (you may have to leave them there). call first to make sure their "eichler expert" is available for you.

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