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Joined: Aug 30 2007

hi newbie here. i have 6 acres in eastern arkansas with beautiful oaks and hickory trees i want to build an eichler on it and every place i look for blueprint is a dead end. how do i get them? please help it has taken me 15 years to get my wife off the "country home decor" and i want to build before she changes her mind. tnx, michael.

Joined: Mar 16 2005

(1) Do a search of the archived postings; I vaguely recall that plans were available from a commercial source, and I think also from UC Berkeley via a special request process.

(2) There is another recent posting on building an Eichler from scratch. You may want to read it because it addressed a queston I had when I read the heading - - why would anyone want to build an Eichler in 2007.

There has been a substantial body of architectual work on efficient, modern houses reflective of the 21st century environment. I admit the visual appeal of some external designs is way out there, but the materials, construction method, general design, etc. are so much advanced over Eichlers (last one built around 1974). Eichlers were structually flimsy compared to today's code (although they withstood the few earthquakes well), have too much glass that would fail California law, look like a stockade except for the soaring ceiling models, and are maintenance headaches. Sure, you can update the materials part, but the new models are so much better.

Joined: Oct 31 2007

I think any decent architect would be able to do a modern version of a eichler so perhaps you should try that route.

patrick anderson

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