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Non-Eichler owners introduce yourself.

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Joined: Dec 11 2005

Welcome to the new and improved Eichler Network/ CA Modern. If you are not an Eichler owner then introduce yourself and tell us about your home and how it is similar or different from Eichlers! Pictures would be great to include as well.

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greetings! I have been on this board for five years now.

Just got my first issue! Nice oversize format. Good job, Marty!

my Cliff May in Eugene, Oregon. Work still in progress :wink:

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Thanks for providing a forum for us other than Eichler owners. I live in what I call an "Eichler-a-like" in San Diego. Its an atrium model,complete with loud door entry buzzer, jack and jill room with accordian room divider, floor to ceiling single pane glass going down hallways, and on the back of house. Light fixtures that have oval-square shape and the button "glows" in the dark,vertical grooved wood siding detail on garage and front of house.

I'm currently trying to figure out what to do about my ceiling (wood planks). On the outside eaves they are painted white, in the garage they are amber, aged natural & beautiful, and inside the house they are white washed-tinted. Fun-huh? My research with the city hasn't revealed much info, but I know its out there somewhere. There are many houses nearby, exactly like mine. Most have been "re-muddled"-sad.

I hope to see postings from the (O.T.E.O.'s Other Than Eichler Owners) that are out there!

MC Modern Gal


Hi, I bought a house in Concord near the airport last year. Almost all the houses there are early-50's CA-Modern, most still with flat roofs. I didn't know what the heck it was supposed to be when I bought it but was impressed by the spacious living/dining area that gave you a look straight to the glass patio doors on the other side of the house, the mahogany doors, and of course the beamed ceiling with wood planks. (I also liked the sub-500k price). I knew it was alot different from the other houses we had been looking at. I asked my neighbors if they knew who built the houses. I was told it was built by someone called "Flat-top Jim" who built the houses for workers at the nearby Naval Weapons Station.

Any more info on this information on this area (Avon Estates) is appreciated, and I will post pictures if anyone's interested.


Joined: Jan 11 2006

Miguel here in Fresno.
Bought this MCM if Fresno about 1 yr ago and going through a restoration/remodel:

The custom home was built in 1958 and part of one of several tracts built between 1957-1958 in various areas of Fresno.

Joined: Apr 10 2003

In Sylmar.
Tract is not noted for being modern but I would like to remodel it to be
kinda MCM like. Built 1976 tract was called Southridge Pointe and built by a company called Prestige Homes (probably not the same one that is still in business). Will try to post a pic or link later.

Wishing for modern home.

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I'm a huge fan of MCM. And, of course, Eichler Homes. Unfortunately, Eichlers don't exist in my part of the country. However, I found a home in the Fall of 2005 that was close enough in style (and importantly, also in my price range) that I immediately bought it....

Have done an extensive "restovation" and have built a website to showcase it, and other Nashville TN area MCMs, at...

To see my home, follow the "My Place.." link under Features on the front door.

Looking forward to my next issue of CA-Modern!

Takce care.

A little website I created to showcase my home and other MCMs in and around the Nashville TN area.

Joined: Mar 24 2003

Live from Las Vegas here...

Making a full time commitment to restoring Palmer and Krisel MidMod homes here!

one of these days, i'll actually get a blog going...

Your Ultra Guide for Googie, Atomic Age and Mid Century Modern Living: OPEN 24/7!

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Greetings to All --

Since 1998 my wife and I have been the proud owners of the mid-century CA-Modern -style home pictured below, located on the West Side of Los Angeles a few miles north of LAX. We also had the good fortune of obtaining the original 1951 blueprint plans that preceeded construction of this house ... the architect / draftsman shown on the blueprints is "Geo. W. Sommers, 133-1/2 Vermont Ave, Los Angeles". We would appreciate hearing from anyone familiar with George Sommers or any other CA-Modern -style homes in the Los Angeles area (or elsewhere) that he may have been responsible for designing / building.

Thanks !

-- Jim

Joined: May 27 2007

Hello all,
I remember many years ago reading an article about an builder in San Diego who built Eichler-inspired homes in Oceanside CA. He was a student or employee of Eichler. The article ran in the North County Times or the San Diego Union. Anyone know this builder?

Dale Deden

Joined: May 29 2007

:) Just stopping by to say...Hello! Just purchased a Streng home, its in dire need of some TLC. Check it out.

Joined: Aug 27 2007

I'm a homeowner in the Westlake District of Daly City, CA. Lots of great funky 1949-1965 homes built by Henry Doelger. I hope we manage to create a website and message board someday that is this good. For a look at our current website and for more info about Westlake, visit:

Joined: Aug 5 2007

No Eichlers here, either. But we do have a great Better Homes and Gardens post and beam right smack in the middle of Alabama. It is plan number 19687 of the "Better Homes for All America" and I am sure there are others scattered across our great land.

bungalow gal turned MCM-maven

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We just bought a Streng brothers home in River City Commons. We have sized down from 3500 sq ft to 1406 sq ft and are trying to figure how to set up our home. We have found a home for lots of furniture and put lots of stuff in storage.

We are trying to find an original porch light for our Streng brothers home (the round white globes). Does any one have any idea where to look?



Joined: Mar 20 2003

welcome nannickle. we moved from 2300 to 1240. not easy by better in the long run. it take a different mind set.

you always want to furnish for the space, rather than trying to jam furniture from your old place into you new space. if you have some photos posted, link us up!

Joined: Oct 19 2009

nannickle wrote:
We just bought a Streng brothers home in River City Commons. We have sized down from 3500 sq ft to 1406 sq ft and are trying to figure how to set up our home. We have found a home for lots of furniture and put lots of stuff in storage.

We are trying to find an original porch light for our Streng brothers home (the round white globes). Does any one have any idea where to look?



Hi Nannicle,

Welcome to R.C.C. they have a webpage ( and you could try contacting Pam Sandlin, or the Architectual Committee I'm sure they could direct to the right place. I did find this place ( since I plan to purchase some also, hope this help!

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My name is Athur and I like to say thanks to the site owner for this great site and all the members of this forum for sharing good and useful information to all people.

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I'm the fourth owner of a house in PA, designed by George Nakashima, built in the 40's. Many unfortunate "improvements" have been undertaken, but original windows, floors, mantles, room dividers, doors, etc., remain. I plan a bath renovation and find this site helpful.

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