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Can someone recommend a roofing specialist

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Joined: Mar 8 2006

Looking for roofing specialist in Palo Alto area. We purchased our Eichler one year ago. The ceiling near a skylight has started leaking during the recent rain. We have a foam roof. Any advice appreciated.

Joined: Mar 2 2004

First thing, unplug your drains so water can get off the roof. If your roof just started leaking, this is the likely cause. You could have several inches of water looking for a way off the roof. Figure out who foamed your roof and when. The company that installed the roof should be contacted immediately if you need help. Call them right now and leave a message. Don't wait until Friday afternoon.
If clearing the debris from the drains and roof stops the it again when there is more debris. You will be participating in the most common hobby among Eichler owners.

Joined: Mar 16 2005

Our Eichler was built in 1972 and half of the roof is angled about 7 degrees and the other half (garage & BR) is flat. During the past 3 months of rain, I noticed water coming over the sides during heavy downpours, but did not visually see debris near the roof drain holes. I did noticed that, after 2 foam roofs atop the original T&G roof, the drain holes are rather small (about 2 in dia). Typically, there are only 2 down spouts on each side of the house, and I concluded it was another Eicher feature (aka design or construction defect).

The fix would be a 3rd down drain on the angled roof, but putting a hole in roof after re-roofing seems risky.

Randy is correct -- it is a favorate hobby of Eichler owners (particularly ones with deferred maintainance) to deal with roof issues.

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