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Ceiling fan placement

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I am thinking about putting a ceiling fan in my bedroom. The ceiling is flat with beams about six feet apart. I am trying to decide whether to place the new fan between a wall and the first beam (over the bed) or in the center of the room (between two beams). Most ceiling fan experts recommend keeping fans away from the wall and in the center of the room. I am concerned that the beams will disrupt the airflow to the bed, which is the area I would most like to keep cool.

Does anybody have any experience installing a ceiling fan in his or her bedroom? Are you satisfied with the placement?



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Just curious... I'm assuming you are not replacing your roof which means that you would be running the wire inside the room. Is there a reason you wanted a permanently mounted fan instead of a standing fan which you can easily put away in the summer and which requires no fancing wiring tricks?

Fry's Electronics markets a standing fan by WindChaser which has a remote control you can use that sets on/off, speed, oscillation (side to side), and optional timer (1, 4, 8 hours). I had one for a couple of years and recently purchased another. I simply store them in the garage in the winter when they are not needed. I can also move them to other rooms as needed.

Just thought I'd mention it.


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Ceiling fans are quiet and out of the way. The variable speed and variable light remotes are very nice. The fan itself would be even with the beams or slightly lower, depending on the style. I think it should be placed in the center of the room. You will be pleased with the air circulation on the lowest speed. On the remote chance that you did not enjoy quiet air would be simple to remove.

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