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Joined: Feb 14 2005

It seem that most of the time people who post contractor requests ask to get responses off list - which defeats the whole purpose of the discussion board.

So, in searching for contractors for several projects that I'm starting I came across the following list and lots of good info about workig with contractors from Nil Erdals site that may be useful to many others that find themselves in the same situation.

Joined: Aug 12 2004

Agree, but with service providers as the main/only revenue source and the basis for the forum, it's a catch 22.

They won't mind their names/associates listed, but non-paying contractors/service providers would be tough to take if it were me.

Think why the off line stuff.

No easy solution that I can see.

Joined: Nov 26 2004

I agree with the original poster that there needs to be a better way to share information regarding qualified Eichler service personnel/contractors. If someone pays to advertise on this site, it doesn't necessarily make them an expert or even require them to be the least bit knowledgable on Eichler Homes. Having to e-mail individual posters (which is often impossible since many members don't even make their e-mail addresses available) really seems to defeat the purpose of an interactive discussion board / shared knowledge database.

A solution that would seem to make sense to me (and also continue to generate revenue for this board) is the same solution that is utilized by every major internet search engine. That is to allow contractors/service providers to advertise using "paid sponsorship" and then also make information regarding other Eichler owner recommended providers available in a less 'flashy' manner.

While paid advertisers might sabre-rattle about this type of approach, the reality is that if they pay to advertise AND they do their job well, they are likely to have more business than they can handle and Eichler owners will continue to evangelize about how wonderful they are. The 'threat' of a non-paid endorsement only comes into play if paid advertisers aren't delivering.

Joined: Mar 20 2003

Why not set up a yahoogroups type of message board i.e. Eichler Bay Area or something like that?

When I was remodeling, the only resources where I could get some good honest information was (advertiser free),, and a local yahoogroups website I am a member of.

Joined: Jan 4 2004

I advertise on this site; I have to say that I went through a pretty extensive screening process, after the Network persons had heard many things about my company and affiliates via third party discussions/referrals.
They don't just allow any contractor with a couple of $$ to advertise here;
they consider more than one personal experience with a particular company; they get a consensus from several parties.
If the publisher and editor of this website were to allow just anyone who signs up in this chatroom to refer/recommend good/services, without any form of quality control, and this website is the most respected resource on the web for Eichler homes, a lot of people will tend to believe what information that they find here.
If there were to be problem with the services rendered, and a fuss is made, that could damage the reputation of this resource, and further, possibly open up for some liabilty.
Let us set aside the fact that managing this site, all the screening and mediating, and drama, plus all the expenses associated with this Network, there has to be some compensation; Would you be willing to pay out $70k a year in overhead and spend 50+ hours a week year after year just for the love of Eichler homes?
I agree with Lynn Drake; if you all don't like the rules of this site that I am sure that everyone had to agree to before signing on, then quit complaining about it, and set up your very own resource on the web like a message board or web site or whatever. That way you all will be free to refer anyone to anyone without having other parties involved. Cheers.


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