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Cork Floor Installation

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Joined: Oct 28 2016

Hello, I am looking for someone who can install cork floor tiles in a newly remodeled home. These floors are not the click cork, but instead the glue down tiles that then need to be polyurethaned.
Any recommendations? Thank you!

Joined: Mar 28 2003

It's a relatively easy DIY project--depending on how handy you are. I installed Globus cork tiles in my Eichler. They came pre-glued on the back with contact cement and all you had to do was roll the cntact cement on the floor, then wait for it to dry and then place tiles. It's important to lay out the tiles carefully. I probably did a better job than a contractor would because I really cared that the tiles matched up on the corners of the walls. I measured my house carefully, made a drawing on my computer and did chalk snap lines of the grid--that way, no surprises. Good luck!

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