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Eichler Homes in Sonoma?

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There is a small post WWII tract in the town of Sonoma called Rancho Madrone, located off of Madrone between Arnold Drive and Hwy 12 that was built on a land grant and features smaller, down-sized Eichler-style homes. Since they were built on a land grant from the government they could not exceed 1100 square feet. I was told that Eichler was involved but because of the size and limitations he did not publicize it and now the area is unknown and many of the old clerestory homes in the tract have been incorrectly remodeled.
Does anyone else know anything about this area? I live here and cannot find any information anywhere regarding this. We have attempted to stay true to the style here. Anyone know anything more?

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Glad you found this site. Do you have any pictures of your home? Can you describe the construction?

Hopefully on the next couple of month I can drive up that way and take a look.

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Hi Jeff - I will get some pix as soon as possible. Marty says it probably is not. I tend to agree unless I find out otherwise.

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post up a photo of email me one at joe at barthlow dot com

I have not heard of Eichler building in Sonoma, but Cliff May had some of his prefab tract homes built in the area in the mid-'50s. Low-pitch roofs, glassend gables, post and beam, walls of glass, car ports. 1100 sqft is average size. Built them in Novato too.


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There were 2 custom Eichler's in Vacaville of all places. Everyone had a hard time believing it. Keep digging, you might find some documentation connecting Eichler to your home. Good Luck!

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Why "of all places"? My parents built a custom Eichler home at 380 Buck Ave in Vacaville. We moved in in the late 1950's. At the same time a custom Eichler was built by one of the Nut Tree owners. They were very similar but there were differences: our house had a carport while they had a garage, the public spaces were arranged differently but the bedroom areas were exactly the same. Sadly the Nut Tree house was torn down (I think in the 1990's). My father sold our house around 2000 or 2001 and the present owners have remodeled it. I have not seen the inside but the outside now looks like a stucco ranch... I miss the original house.

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