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Crackling roof, all seasons, 24/7

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Joined: Jun 2 2014

Has anyone had this problem and if you did, how did you resolve it? Eichler roof, slightly pitched, Unico HVAC pipes embedded in foam on the roof, covered with tar and gravel. Sounds like footsteps, firecrackers or gun shots coming from all parts of the roof.

Thank you.

Joined: Nov 5 2014

Consult an engineer and tell the problem to him.

Joined: Jan 25 2013

Has anyone managed to resolve the popping noise in their roof, or at least been able to determine the cause?

Joined: Nov 4 2009

I have the same issue and don't know of a resolution but I think I know the cause, for what it's worth. I believe the noises are due to the expansion and contraction of the roof deck boards. Since each board is a uniquely different piece of wood, it will expand and contract at a different rate from the next one. Since they are connected by tongues and grooves, the joints could move slightly with heat gain or loss. I've noticed that my roof gets very noisy when the sun comes out after a cloudy morning. By then the sun is higher in the sky and hits the roof more directly compared to the lower angle of morning sun and the more gradual warming of the roof. Not sure if there's a fix for it but that's my theory as to the cause. I try to think of it as another Eichler "feature" :-)

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