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Joined: Apr 25 2004

We would appreciate any recommendations (by email, of course) for a quality roofer that does work in the East Bay with experience doing flat/low-sloped roofs. We will consider any of the viable materials (T&G, MB, foam, etc.) The penninsula/South Bay roofers I've contacted don't work in the East Bay.

In additiion, any input on a roof-related contractor (same or different from the ones above) with a modern aesthetic is sought. As well as replacing our roof, we need to improve our roof drainage. This could involve putting a fascia, modern-compliant gutters, or other solution.

Thanks for any help!
marianne1 AT sbcglobal DOT net
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Joined: Apr 17 2003

We just had our T & G roof replaced in Oakland. Fascia boards, several roof drains, downspouts and rain chains, 2" rigid insulation (we had none of these before). Also added 4 new 8' tongue and groove planks in our ceiling to repair a hole for the flue of a free-standing fireplace that we removed, raised the edges around our existing skylights and replaced them with open-able ones.

Some work not on the original estimate was done w/o charge (new roof vent for a fuse box, extra drains). Overall, we're highly pleased. Not the low-price leader, but was worth it for us. This roofing contractor also has carpentry/construction skills, which made the difference for us. They're based in Oakland. Email for details.

fatmofo AT sbcglobal DOT net

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