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Edgewood Shopping Center

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Joined: Oct 8 2003

Does anyone know what the status of the Eichler Edgewood Shopping Center "renovation" is? Someone came by a few months ago lobbying for support in restoring the center rather than turning it into a Tuscan Village, but I have heard nothing else about it. I have heard that certain Eichler homeowners have CCR's protecting the center, but I have not heard anyone asking for our approval, and I heard rumors that a project is well under way. I would love for the center to be updated and cleaned up, but only if the design elements remain. Any info would be appreciated.

Joined: Mar 2 2004

I would hate to see the Edgewood Center disappear. Eichler had his office in that building behind the Shell station. His office was in the end of the building away from Embarcadero. The paneling is still in beautiful shape. It's too bad the lot size is too small for a modern grocery store. We could really use a nice grocery store in Palo Alto. Every podunk little town out in 'the sticks' has a great grocery store....but not Palo Alto.

Joined: Mar 20 2003

please use the search function of the forum. There are been much discussion regarding the Edgewood Shopping Center in the past.

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