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Eichler Dollhouse?

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Hello -

I live in an Eichler in the Fairbrae neighborhood of Sunnyvale and I would love to purchase an Eichler dollhouse for my daughter. I have been Googling and looking on eBay and have not yet located one. Has anyone seen such a product and, if so, could you let me know where? If not, is there anyone who could build one? I almost failed woodshop in 6th grade, so I don't think I can do it myself :-) Any leads would be greatly appreciated! I am also interested in "modern" dollhouse furniture.



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No such thing as an "Eichler" dollhouse. As much as we're surrounded by all things Eichler, they're still a pretty small niche in the scheme of things, except when it comes to tv commercials--then they're everywhere.

There are other styles of modern dollhouses around. One of the coolest was the Kaleidoscope House by Bozart Toys, Unfortunately, most go out of production pretty quick and end up selling on ebay for thousands of dollars. Apparently, dollhouse people are pretty fanatical.

Check out this blog for all things mini and modern:

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There was an article some time ago in a Good Housekeeping or similar (Women's Day, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal etc.) with pics and such of a 'modern' one (not necessarily an eichler) they used small plastic boxes as a shelf unit, cut up foam for furniture and put cloth over it for upholstery, ping pong balls for lights and a scale model car for the garage, they had used 2 square deep boxes with holes cut in the sides for windows and doors, this was from the era of the 'Mike Douglas Show' so that give you some date of the era, . The only reason I mention that is that it was featured on that show and they chromakeyed the host and guests into the living room of the dollhouse.

Wishing for modern home.

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