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Eichler Floor Plan Help - Terra Linda

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Joined: Jun 9 2018

Hey Eichler Community, 
My Fiance and I just purchased an Eichler in N. Terra Linda area and we are trying to find the original Floor plan of our home. Reasoning why: 

  • to see original layout and what changes have been made
  • to hopefully find similair homes and see what changes were made

We did the Marin Eichler Tour but didn't see any homes similair to ours. Here are some details of our house: 

  • Flat roof 
  • 3 bed /2 bath 
  • Front of home  has large sliding doors that open to the street (seems unusual for Eichler since traditionally they are complelty closed off to the street)
  • No Atrium 

Any and all advise would be wonderful. 
Thank you very much, 

Joined: Jul 17 2003

Please read these two articles to gain knowledge on where you may possibly be able to locate your home’s plans…



Joined: Jun 9 2018

Thanks so much for the help! Due to the above insight,
I found out our plan layout and now am working on trying to get our Building Plans!!

I would love to connect with anybody who may have the same model as ours?
We have a Eichler Designed by Jones & Emmons, plan layout 943. I have also found a picture of a layout design (looks like it may be original?).
I would love to find this copy in real life and make a digital scan and frame it.

Here is a link to the visual layout :

Its a 3 bed/2 bath , flat roof - 1380 sqft .

I would love to chat with you if you have anything similar to this or the same :)
Thank you heaps,

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