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Abatement Company to Remove Mastic from Cement?

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Joined: Sep 22 2016

Hello! We are new to this forum and looking forward to learning more about our Eichler.
That said, we've discovered that the concrete slab beneath the carpet is covered with what is likely asbestos mastic.  We are having difficulty finding an abatement company who can remove the stubborn mastic from the concrete slab.  I've read on this forum that some members have had success with certain companies.  Can you please email me with specific recommendations? Thank you in advance!

Joined: Jul 29 2015

We used JWH Asbestos Removal. They did a good job. In our case we had  mastic under the carpet and possibly under tile and linolium. For our particular case, the goal was to protect the wood panels which are present on 90% of the home. Just be advised that the home will smell for 2-3 months after the job is completed. 

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