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Eichler kitchen shelves available

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I have what i believe to be eichler kitchen shelves (3) available for free to anyone who is interested. These shelves have been in the garage as the one of the previous owners remodeled the kitchen and moved them there. I am including the pictures here (do not have picture for the 3rd one).

The shelves are disengaged from the walls and are ready to be carted off. Preference will be given to folks who are willing to pick them up at the earliest. If I do not hear from anyone by 1/21/2004 they will be relegated to trash.


Oven Shelf

Foreground Shelf (not the one in the background)

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Hi Rama,

I'm interested in the upper cabinet you pictured. I could pick it up this coming weekend, will that do (might even be able to make it Friday)? I'm assuming the cupboard requires the usual paint stripping/sanding but nothing unexpected (like termite damage, for instance)--correct?

Fairglen tract in Willow Glen

eichfan at rawbw dot com

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Hi Jake,

The cabinet has no termite damage. It looks structurally sound. There may be cosmetic dents. Nothing that cannot be easily corrected.

Friday or early saturday is preferable as it will leave me some time to cleanup the garage. Contact me on my email (my profile has it) and we can settle on the date and time.


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