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help for Noise Solutions windows?also glass fireplace doors

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Joined: Jan 6 2004

Sorry to beat a dead horse here regarding Noise Solutions. Since it looks like they won't be fixing our misfit "great Eichler window" (it's one of the very large living room windows). Can anyone recommend another company or person who would be able and willing to come out and trim our Noise Solutions window to the appropriate size so that it fits? I'm willing to pay for this of course - I just want the darn thing fixed as there is a lot of moisture/mold accumulating behind it, and I'm not familiar with any other company that does these custom acrylic window inserts.

Also, I'm looking for a company to make glass fireplace doors for our fireplace. Any suggestions? We are in Palo Alto. Thanks. Elizabeth

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Hi Elizabeth:

You may want to try Palo Alto Glass. Theyare a supporter of this site, but also have a good reputation with the Eichler owners/neighbors who have used them. They do commercial as well as residential work, so your situation would certainly be considered a "small job." However, they do a lot of Eichler work and seem concerned about maintaining their reputation and standing in the Eichler community....worth a try. If you call, be sure to mention this site.


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