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Electrician costs for installing monorial and cable lighting

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We are planning to update the lighting in our Eichler (Flat roof atrium model 1850 sqft) and we got recommendations from an interior designer for monorail and cable systems.

We plan to install monorails in the kitchen/dining area and the living area and a cable system in the bed room with MR16 lights

The electrical contractor is quoting $3000 ($1500 per room *2) for the monorail installation in the kitchen area and living room and $80/hr for the cable system installation in the bedroom.

The total cost for material is about $5000 and labor is probably about $4000 for 3 rooms.

Can anyone with a similar project share their expericnce on the budget ? Is the labor for the electrician overpriced?

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It sounds a little high to me. I work for a lighting manufacturer for monorail track email me and I might be able to offer some sugestions jeffsheldon at

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