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Joined: Feb 11 2005

Does anyone know how cork flooring holds up with water spillage, such as from dishwasher or clothes washing machine?

What about linoleum?

Thank you.
Marcia Naomi Berger

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Cork will swell if exposed to water for prolonged periods of time--it is very pourous, almost like a sponge, which is one reason that it is always sealed. That said, cork flooring is very common in European kitchens. I don't think that a spill, if wiped up, would cause a problem, but if your DW or W/D were to overflow while no one was at home, it could be a problem.

Linoleum should not be a problem, and it is commonly used in wet areas, such as kitchens.

You may want to also check out the discussions on the flooring forum at -- There are current and past discussions about cork and linoleum.


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