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Info on Herman Miller Chairs

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Hello, my husband and I recently moved into his dad's Eichler, and we are in the process of remolding and buying new furniture. We have six of these old Herman Miller chairs in the garage and were about to give them to goodwill.

I've looked online for information on the model and history of this chair but can't seem to find any. I know it's a Herman Miller because of the stamp at the bottom. The chair is covered with what I think is leather or vinyl, and is light brown in color with either dark brown or black piping.

Does anyone have information or know where I can find information on these chairs? How much are these chairs worth? We have six of them. All chairs have some splitting at the seams and the legs are rusted, but other than that, they are in good condition.

I apologize for my horrible cellphone pic.[attachment=0]14763918456_ORIG.jpeg[/attachment]

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These are usually called Eames Vinyl Armshell chairs. I'm not sure if they have another more official name. If it's a real Herman Miller they are moderately valuable, depending on condition. For example, several years ago we purchased one from eBay that had the legs replaced with the Eiffel rocker base. It was in good condition, with one small tear in the vinyl and we paid $300 for it. Hope this helps.

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Hi, I'm interested in the chairs. Can you please email me if they're still available? pa_mendoza @ yahoo. com


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