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original baseboards

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Joined: September 4, 2010

Hi folks -- we recently re-did the floors in our Lucas Valley 1962 Eichler (using VCT very close to the original style).  Beforehand I removed all the baseboards.  Refinished them and put them all back after.  Good so far!  But I'm coming up short by a few.  Does anyone have old baseboard stock that you've torn out?  Any condition.  They're 2-1/4" x 3/8" thick.  I can't tell whether it's teak or mahogany or some other wood -- smells nice when I sand it.  I'd attach a picture but don't see how to do that.  I'll gladly come to where you are, and may even offer to pitch in if you're remodeling.  Please contact me either here on the forum or text 415-706-1472.  Thanks!