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My mom, heard from a friend (so - reliable or not is the question here) that owners/dwellers of Eichlers should be careful because of radon.


anyone heard anything about this?

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in my research, quite the opposite. radon is heavier than most gasses and gains entry through an unsealed (dirt) basement foundation. as dwellers of homes built on (sealed) concrete slabs with generally very breezy characteristics, we should be no more prone to radon woes than cows grazing in the field.

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Radon gas is apparently the natural breakdown of earth materials. I first encountered it in New Jersey back in the 1980's. Back then and assume today, you can buy a test kit (absorption kit), and mail it to a laboratory for reading.

The general procedure is to place the kit at the lowest point of the house (like a basement) for about a week.

The good news about radon is that even the worst readings can be fixed through mechanical ventilation as radon is gaseous.

So, for yourself, you can get a home kit and get readings. My own experience in NJ was that the radon reading was above the minimum (minimum/safe, above minimum, and yellow/red that suggests remedial action).

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