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Rare Eichler floor plan

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Joined: Apr 24 2013

Hi All, new to site.  Huge Eichler fan living in the North East.  I am looking for information about a particular floor plan which must be very rare and I can't find anywhere. The "Eichler Handbook of Guidelines for the Fairgrove Tract" in Cupertino describes the plan as "C" shaped.  The house has a 2 vehicle carport centered in front with a large atrium behind. Once inside there seems to be a large "great room" type of room with the kitchen a part of the room.  There appears to be no "living room" rather a large den/study to the right and a master bedroom in front of the den,  On the left side there are 3 bedrooms, another full bath, laundry and storage.  The drawing is blurry at best and hard to read.  Does anyone know about this plan, if any have been built with this design and where I might find a clear rendering?  It is amazing to see just how much in demand the Eichler houses are how they hold their value. Great forum and website by the way.

Joined: Nov 13 2012

Have you consulted with the Environmental Design Archives at U. C. Berkeley?  They maintain a large number of floor plans of Eichlers (but no Jones & Emmonds-designed Eichlers, IRRC, or at least not mine).  The Archives staff can research and copy blueprints for you at a reasonable cost, with a percentage of the plan price supporting the Archives.  You could also make an appointment and visit the archives yourself, if you ever make it out to the Bay Area.  As an Eichler owner, I WISH I could get actual drawings of my JE-84, as all I have is a fuzzy brochure floorplan as well.  Good luck! 

Joined: Aug 12 2013

I think you should consult a professional architect before thinking of any plan. They will give you a better idea of the designs and the plan.

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