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Recommendation for mini-split installer ?

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Joined: May 24 2011

We are looking to install a mini-split AC system. Can any one recommend an installer that covers the south bay ? Please email to jf1234 AT live dot com if you have some you can recommend.

Service company recommendations can also be posted in the Rec Room section of the Chatterbox Lounge.


Joined: Apr 20 2006

During the last 30 plus years, I've worked with all the main AC contractors and many of the smaller companies.
Do you have an equipment preference or special interest in an unusual installation? If you went to our website and filled in the details and contact info I am happy to match your project with the most appropriate installer. Your satisfaction is assured....or I would not bother recommending anybody.
Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

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