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Recommendation for Shed Builder?

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Joined: Nov 19 2007

We live in San Mateo and we'd like to build a small shed in our backyard to house some gardening equipment and kids toys. We are looking for some recommendations on handymen/carpenters who might help us build something nice yet affordable. If you have any recommendations you can pass along that would be great.

Please send recommendations directly to: angela.mueters AT

Joined: May 8 2003

Does anyone have pictures of their modern looking sheds that they would like to share? I am probably going to try to build one this year.

- J

Joined: Jan 18 2008

I was looking for something to cover the pool equipment (filter, heater, etc) that's along the side of the house and came accross this:

hope it helps

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Joined: Aug 25 2005

Hi guys,
I added some pics of my shed on my photo site.

Basically it's a 6'x10' shed on the side of my house. A neighbor down the street was throwing away perfect interior grooved paneling from his living room so I took it and used it for my shed.
I added the clearstory windows front and back and the beam to match the style of my house since it could be seen from the street.
I had the door swing inwards, but with use, I've found that an outswinging door would have been bettter.


Castro Valley

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