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Roof in compositon shingle for low pitch Eichler

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Looking for the information about the pros and cons of composition shingle. our eichler is typical low pitch roof and I noticed that some of our neighbors have installed the single roof while others have T&G or foam, where my house is located in Louis Rd, Palo Alto close to E. Charston.

I got the price quote from HomeDepot for composition shingle roof last fall and got T&G and foam from local firms with installation, but the price seems quite close between three options, but I am looking for the information of composition shingle roof. what's good and bad ?

thanks, Pilsoon

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A shingle roof looks better than a foam or tar and gravel roof. If your choose the right shingle, your roof could last 20 years. The steeper the roof, the longer shingles last. Your roof has a low pitch. This means that the only person that can see your roof is standing across the street. Since attractive shingles are not light in color, you can count on being warmer in the summer. Since you won't be adding insulation, you will pay about 25% more to heat your home; Likely more, since you may have to remove insulation already there.
Your roof has such a low pitch that shingles are not a sure thing. Every shingle has nails holding it down. I have seen several shingle jobs that did not work with wind driven rain because the roof was not sloped enough.
You should talk to some neighbors. We have between 45 and 50 happy customers on Louis Road in Palo Alto. I don't think any of them would trade for a shingle roof if you offered it to them for free. If your roof was steeper, I would say only use shingles for cosmetic reasons. Your home was not designed for shingles. Lucky you

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