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I'm curious if Eichler's architects specified standard, stock sizes of sliding doors to fit between columns and beams, spacing those structural elements to meet the door sizes or - designed the structure as required and specified the sliding doors to meet the structure. Any ideas?

Jack Logan, Architect

Joined: Dec 26 2003

it seems to me that they designed the building, the filled the areas between beams with slding doors and fixed glass panels, based on the eichlers I've seen.

most of the eichler doors are in standard 6x8 and 7x8 varieties

Joined: Jan 4 2004

Interesting that you posted this, I actually finished installing 5 sliding doors on a project today. To answer your question specifically; It depends on the location of the sliders, that is if they are perpendicular to the roof beams, the sliders are almost always in between beams that are 6' or 7' apart. (Note that the spacing of the beams varies considerably throughout the structure.) If the sliders are on exterior walls running parallel (or under) the beams, they are almost always 6',7' or 8' wide exactly, and the height is either 6'8" or 8'. For finishing pruposes, any contractor/ installer who has worked on these homes knows to custom mill
redwood to match (e) trim; it is inexpensive and easy to do (a bit time consuming, though). Hope that answers your question(s)


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