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Sliding Garage Doors Stuck

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Hello. This is my first real post. My husband and I have just bought ourselves and Eichler in the San Mateo Highlands. We've been lurking about this site for years, and have finally bought one, and decided that now would be a good time to join the forum.

Anyway we have original shingled sliding garage doors that are getting stuck on the concrete slab that seems to be lifted from some overgrown trees in the front yard. Is there an "easy" way to lift the sliders or track up a bit so that we can use the garage till we can fix the driveway?

Thanks in advanced!


Joined: Dec 19 2010

If you're talking about the sided (not shingled) barn style doors, there are a few things to look at.  

  • Are the doors themselves warped (put a level on the bottom crosspiece)?
  • Is the top beam above the doors level?

There is some degree of adjustment on the door hangers.   The most common problem I've seen on the E11/111 models is that the center post that supports the horizontal garage beam begins to sag/push forward, which causes the beam to sag in the center, impacting the doors ability to slide.  That, plus rot/warp at the bottom of the doors, is the most common problem.

Hope this helps.  If the issue is the slab being lifted, you might be able to grind down the slab in that spot with a diamond grinder (tip:  less dust when wet).

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Don't know about Tiffany, danix your post was helping for me. The problem was with the degree of the door hangers. But still it was not working. Finally have to take help from garage door repair new jersey, told them about your suggestion, and finally resolved it!

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