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Thermador wall oven element

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Joined: Dec 19 2006

I am renting a home that has an old thermador wall oven. I believe it may be one of the originals (Model #WO A-16). Anyway, the bottom heating element is no longer working, and I need a replacement. I wondered if anyone who has had this experience with the same older model was able to locate an element that fit.

It seems that most appliance repair places don't even deal with thermadors. One company who does repair this brand doubts that the part can be found.

Sears repairs thermadors, and we have a call in to them, but somehow I think they are going to report that they are having difficulty ordering the part.

Please contact me if you have any advice. Thanks!

Joined: Dec 10 2006

Did the element go bad or is it just not working? Normally - when an element goes bad - you will see physical damage to it somewhere - it would have created a hot spot that burnt out.

If that is the case - while you may not be able to find an exact replacement as the original - it is likely that you can find one that will work - the one I used with my oven was 1/16inch shorter and works fine. I would take the element to a appliance part store and try to match it up in their catalogues. (Even if you have someone do the work - you might have to do this yourself - don't worry - it is very unlikely that you won't be able to find something close enough)

If the light comes on and the element just doesn't heat - it may be an easier problem. THe wires going to the element can loosen over LONG time and sometimes all that is needed is to re-fasten the wires to the existing element.

THe real problem would be if the control switch itself is bad (I have a cooktop switch bad) If that is the case - you will probably not find that part anywhere.

You could check the first problems yourself - turn off the power - then take out the screws holding the oven to the cabinet and it should just slide out. I use a piano bench in front of the cabinet to hold the oven. THere will be a bunch of small screws holding the back cover in place that are easily removed. There should be some fiberglass insulation covering the back under the metal cover but that is easily moved aside. It the wires do not connect - just reconnect them. (Normally a screw terminal). If the element is obviously damaged - disconnect it and take it to the appliance store to match it up. Yes - they might have to order the part but they are normally quick.

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