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Unico System

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Joined: March 31, 2003

i own an eichler home in the rancho san miguel development (walnut creek). just had an estimate for the unico system (heating and central air) along with a foam roof. the foam roofing would be done by able roofing...the unico system by truno. any one out there had experience with either...or both? i've read previous postings about the advantages and disadvantages of foam but it appears to be the only system if you want the unico system. also, does any have any experience restoring their garage to the original horizontal opening system? i have one of the original rails but still need a second. if anyone has old railing i would be willing to pay $.

Joined: March 20, 2003

I had a Foam roof put on by Able and a low profile ducting system for my ventilation system installed at the same time. It is similar to the Unico system. According to the "ground rules" of this forum, these discussions should be direct emails. So...send me an email for further information. You might get more response if you post your direct email also. I'm sure the companies should also be able to supply you with a reference list with customers with similar installations. You would be wise to check with those folks also. Lynn

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