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Water puddling on a flat roof Eichler.

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We have a flat roof Eichler and when heavy rains occur, tthere is a significant puddling of water at the fron center part of the roof. This has caused the roof to give in a little in that area, and I was wondering if there is any DIY solution for this. We will be replacing the roof in 2-3 years and want to save some money till then. I did stumble upon a product named ROOFSLOPE by Palmer Asphalt, but my only concern is the weight this will add to the roof. It could potentially worsen the issue.
link to Roofslope I found:
Luis C.

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Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

An aging tar roof is easily damaged.  At room temperature, tar is more brittle than concrete.  Walking around, working on the dried out tar roof can be counterproductive.  Unfortunately, when the roof membrane is cold and leaking, needing service over the winter, it is much more brittle than during the summer.
It is likely (normal) that deeper gravel hides the many other puddles on your present roof.
The gravel is spread and leveled to protect the tar and tarpaper from sunlight, which is very hard on the roof.  Over time, the weight of the gravel and water creates areas that sag, holding more water.  The Eichler garage roof is a good example of this.  There is always a puddle in the middle of the flat Eichler garage roof.  This puddle was only made deeper as more gravel was needed to hide the puddle each time the tar roof was replaced.
Note:  foam boards can be used to crudely build up the center of low areas when a tar roof is replaced.
Note #2.....if you must spread white stone on the tar roof, the newer the better, and the warmer the better.

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Thanks for your response Randy,
I'm interested in the 2 options you mentioned, especially the foam board one. There are no leaks in the roof, just the puddling when it rains.
This is why we want to stretch a little the replacement of the roof for another year or two.
Thanks in advance for any advice, I'll also keep your info for a future repair.

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