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Window covering solutions for slanted windows - Jake help?

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Joined: Feb 14 2008

I have researched some window covering options from previous posts and there was one in particular from March 2006 “Window covering solutions for slanted windows” that I found interesting.

Jake, did you end up going with the Blind Corners & Curves company? I would love to know what your end solution was.

Anyone else have creative solutions for trapezoid windows?

Currently we are contemplating placing an external roller blind hanging from the eaves of the house or using sun shades on tension wires to cover the whole atrium. Thanks all for the helpful posts, looks like these two options will help reduce our sun exposure when needed. I’m curious to see if the other blind solution truly helps with insulation during our cold winters.

Appreciate any advice.

Calvin Ng

Joined: Jul 31 2008

I too could use a solution for my slanted windows and would love to hear if anyone has used Blind Corners & Curves...or has any other solution.

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