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Window replacement

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Joined: May 6 2005

Where can I find replacements for my small sliding windows for my kitchen remodel? The stock sliders from Milgard are 2" too wide. Please send recommendations by e-mail to mikev57 AT comcast DOT net. Thanks
Mike V

Joined: Mar 2 2004

We had all the glass and metal framework replaced on the front of our building this week; 100 feet in length, and a good part of it is floor to ceiling. My son Jarom got four bids. Palo Alto Glass (an Eichler Network advertiser) was very close to being the lowest price. I had no experience with them, but Jarom said they were the best informed and most professional. We could not be more pleased with Palo Alto Glass or the finished job. The dual-pane, low 'E' reflective storefront glass with brite aluminum makes our building look brand new. A good company is successful because of how it operates, not how much it charges. I am grateful that Eichler Network did a great job screening the local companies because Jarom found them on this site. The installers told me they change the windows on two Eichlers a week. They will know where to get the right windows for your remodel.

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