On the Homefront

Breaking stories on home improvement and real estate tied to our communities

Home Improvement Snafu
CA-Modern story explores how CA energy code eats away at Eichler design integrity
Holiday by the Bay
From Eames to ZooLights—there’s plenty to do this season for cheer and entertainment
Books with a Cherry on Top
CA-Modern’s Cherry Capri pens three lively paperbacks—just in time for the holidays
House of Questions
“What are the greatest challenges in adding solar-panel arrays to an Eichler’s flat roof?”
Door-to-Door Safety
Law enforcement shares tips in response to sketchy solicitors knocking on Eichler doors
Spooked by Scary Solicitors
San Mateo Eichlerites debate how to handle strangers who come a-knocking at the door
Claude Oakland Design
Modern El Cerrito beauty was mid-century dream house for engineering great T.Y. Lin
Welcome to the Network…
Shelton’s 75-year tradition puts Eichlers at its roofing core since the day they were built
New Issue Traces a Journey
Aspects of Eichlers’ evolving influence the undercurrent of the new Fall ‘18 CA-Modern
Accent on Modern Walls
Story in Fall CA-Modern offers cutting-edge options that will allow Eichler walls to ‘sing’
It’s an Eames, Eames World
Traveling exhibition about trailblazing team makes West Coast debut Oct. 13 in Oakland
Long Beach Modern Returns
University Art Museum back ‘in the habit’ with impressive home tour lineup Oct. 13
Sparkling Bayside Marin Gem
Early design by architect Warren Callister returns to market for first time since 1965
Eichler X-100 in Full Bloom
Recent photo shoot unveils historic San Mateo home as a ‘picture of preservation’
Sea Ranch Gone Adrift?
Price cut to historic Turnbull home poses question of seaside community’s market
Dwelling on Modernist Purity
Hot debate rages over influence of Dwell magazine and the aesthetic it champions
Montclair Coming Up Modern
“Such a coincidence”—as two choice MCM homes hit the market in tony Oakland area
Winning the Bidding War
Veteran Eichler architect shares know-how on how to best compare contractor bids
A 'Darling' of a Neutra
Following 2017’s illegal demo, one of the architect’s remaining S.F. homes is for sale
‘How-to’ of Hiring Contractors
Longtime Eichler expert says it’s all about the communication, not about what it costs