On the Homefront

Breaking stories on home improvement and real estate tied to our communities

Gettin’ App Happy
14 software applications tied to CA-Modern story strive to keep your home life on track
TV’s Aura from the MCM Era
CA-Modern story explores today’s quirky appeal for the coolest mid-century TV sets
Home Improvement for 2018
'Achievable tasks' can curb your New Year's resolutions from becoming broken promises
Glass Walls of Xmas Cheer
Bay Area window painters use their art to bring holiday themes to homes, businesses
Is Your Eichler Underinsured?
Policy coverage needs to keep pace with rising costs of construction in your locale
Time to Go Underground?
Eichler neighborhood has a lively debate over burying local utility lines out of sight
Keeping Radiant Heat Alive
Eichler remodel unites original main house and new addition with PEX radiant system
Make Your Moneymaker
Stanford prof actually shows ‘energy profit’ from his on-campus ‘zero net energy’ home
'International' Idol for Sale
Heralded Donald Olsen House in Berkeley hits market for first time ever at $1.8 million
Spotlight on Armchair Genius
CA-Modern’s ‘Unsung Masters’ series puts focus on obscure MCM furniture designers
Floored by Indoor-Outdoor
New CA-Modern story unveils latest trends in home flooring inspired by Mother Nature
Home Improvement Worth It?
Experts share their ‘smart list’ of the best and most cost-effective projects to pursue
Get Set for 'Old Man Winter'
Winterizing checklist: how to weather the coming storms with a gust of preparation
How 'Green' Is Your Turf?
Today's technology gives 'artificial grass' year-round advantages over the real thing
Another Neutra Faces Demo?
Selling of Chuey House ‘overlooks’ historic L.A. home in favor of property development
Unearthing the 'Secret City'
S.F’s annual Architecture + the City festival fills September with tours, films, exhibitions
'Desert Modern' Airbnb Battle
Palm Springs' rental ordinance sends 'fun vacation compound' to market with fallout
Asbestos Still a Trying Issue
Homeowner questions tied to abatement and flooring prompt multilayered responses
Eichler Pride Hits the Streets
Ambitious Eichler owner returns with his curb address stencils that shout ‘Eichler’
Small Bug, Big Problem
With the summer heat, Eichler owners cry for help as hordes of ants hit their homes