On the Homefront

Breaking stories on home improvement and real estate tied to our communities

Heroes in Need of Friends
CA-Modern story pays homage to a dozen endangered mid-century modern buildings
Born into Mid-century Modern
S.F. native celebrates genre with activism, self-published books, even playing cards
Yabba Dabba Don’t?
Owner, city file competing complaints over landscape décor of iconic Flintstone House
'Inspired' NorCal Home Tour
Five Eichlers in Palo Alto, Sunnyvale open their doors for a 'bargain' Saturday May 4
Experts at Your Fingertips
Just released: Eichler Network’s new 2019 directory of home improvement vendors
Two NorCal Modern Sparklers
Spectacular architecture, splendid views, awesome eye candy—from renowned firms
Eichlers of Orange Open Doors
Tour of three now-historic tracts will show off restored and updated homes May 18-19
Historic Furnishings Heisted
University that stored Frank Lloyd Wright valuables failed to report theft since 2012
S.F. Gets Tough on Demolition
Owner appeals City commission's order to rebuild Neutra's 'historic' Largent House
Desert Masters on Tour
Feb. 14-24 Modernism Week—great chance to visit homes by a superb cast of architects
New in Eichler Flooring
Two Bay Area experts weigh in on hottest flooring technologies, best materials to buy
Winter Spectrum of Modernity
As your latest must-read, the new issue of CA-Modern offers multiple shades of MCM
Home Improvement Snafu
CA-Modern story explores how CA energy code eats away at Eichler design integrity
Holiday by the Bay
From Eames to ZooLights—there’s plenty to do this season for cheer and entertainment
Books with a Cherry on Top
CA-Modern’s Cherry Capri pens three lively paperbacks—just in time for the holidays
House of Questions
“What are the greatest challenges in adding solar-panel arrays to an Eichler’s flat roof?”
Door-to-Door Safety
Law enforcement shares tips in response to sketchy solicitors knocking on Eichler doors
Spooked by Scary Solicitors
San Mateo Eichlerites debate how to handle strangers who come a-knocking at the door
Claude Oakland Design
Modern El Cerrito beauty was mid-century dream house for engineering great T.Y. Lin
Welcome to the Network…
Shelton’s 75-year tradition puts Eichlers at its roofing core since the day they were built