On the Homefront

Breaking stories on home improvement and real estate tied to our communities

From Modern to More Modern
Oakland Museum of California plumbs its mid-century design roots in $15M remodel
Master Architect, Desert Gem
Restored Albert Frey a modern exception in one of Palm Springs' oldest neighborhoods
Strong Market…Right Now
Experts differ on price stability—but agree Eichlers are a hot commodity to begin 2020
Cool, Cool Colors of Winter
New Winter '20 CA-Modern brings together a kaleidoscope of new stories and designs
Noir Nights of San Francisco
CA-Modern explores why so many classics of the film genre were staged by the Bay
Shine a Light on the Modern
Stories in new Winter CA-Modern spotlight the finest in MCM-style lamps and shades
It’s a Wonderful Season
Scores of holiday-themed activities warm the Bay—from radio plays to outdoor ice
Neutra Legacy in Photos
Neutra Institute to host exhibition in wake of passing of MCM champion Dion Neutra
Wild 'Cruise Ship' of a Home
Lake Arrowhead palace seeks to set price record despite retro 'Austin Powers' décor
Return of the Wolff House
Unusual Hollywood Hills home designed by architect John Lautner back on market
Circular Gem in Slow Market
Striking Bay Modernesque home by Daniel Liebermann in Berkeley Hills underpriced?
Welcome to the Network…
Award-winning Eisenmann Architecture and its multicultural approach for Eichler design
Eichler Tract Gets Prepared
Smart start for community safety—as good neighbor hosts 'disaster specialist' meetup
Unique 'Masterpiece' for Sale
Architect Ernest Born’s MCM 'dream home' bordering oceanfront S.F. asking $8 million
Real Cool, Ghoul!
Cast of zombies, witches & monsters with mid-century modern flair haunt the internet
Loma Prieta 30th Anniversary
CA-Modern story ponders what steps to take before the Bay's next big earthquake
'Modernist Refugees' Repent
CA-Modern story traces 'flight paths' away from the Bay to affordable modern living
2019 Directory Still Available
Network to expand service company roster for its 2020 Home Maintenance Directory
Cold Is Not Fun
Your Eichler radiant heat deserves a timely check-up to avoid winter heating hardship
Taking a U-Turn on Neutra
Facing lawsuits, San Francisco planners rescind order to rebuild demolished home