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Renewing garage and entry doors with neighborly good looks and in line with the modern streetscape aesthetic
Northwest's 'Modern Classic' door installed in Marinwood by Northgate
Garage Doors.
Northwest's 'Modern Classic' door installed in Marinwood by Northgate Garage Doors.

That’s where we discovered the Coppermine garage door from the manufacturer Unique Garage Doors, an eye-catching five-panel roll-up that seems to bring together Asian, industrial, and modern into its unique, random patina pattern. You’d hardly know a roll-up hides beneath the Coppermine’s rustic-looking face of subdued brown and green earth tones. Available in copper or stainless steel, from Northgate Garage Doors. 

One door design that has been making inroads into the modern communities is the Wayne Dalton Model 8800 door, a full-view garage door with a reasonably compatible contemporary look featuring a series of simple rectangular panels. Choose from tempered safety glass, acrylic, or solid panels in a wide variety of colors (including preferred earth tones) and styles. Most panel styles are also available in both single pane and insulated configurations. The glass panels make a contemporary style statement. The Dalton is carried by Peninsula-based Eichler Solutions.

Very similar in design to the Dalton door, Northwest Door’s Modern Classic door is constructed of commercial-grade extruded aluminum alloy stiles and rails. The company will configure panel widths and heights to fit the home’s requirements, and you can choose between aluminum or glass panels.

“Depending on the glass you choose, it gives you privacy, but it can also have a mirror quality that is interesting,” Wilcox says of the Northwest Modern Classic, which he installs.

The Northwest model is also offered in the Bay Area by Keycon, Inc. and Artistic Garage Doors.

Another option is to create a custom door made with a company that specializes in wood-framed carriage doors, which feature wood siding and are installed with low overhead tracks. This solution is heavier than traditional metal doors, so it’s important that you work with a contractor who can marry the load of the door with appropriate automatic door-opening hardware.

Photography: David Toerge; and courtesy Jon Jarrett and all the participating door manufacturers


Simple, Stylish Entry Doors at Every Price Point

L-R: Jeld-Wen slab door from Home Depot, Langston Doorlite Kit from Crestview Doors, Neoporte’s Racerback door.
L-R: Jeld-Wen slab door from Home Depot, Langston Doorlite Kit from Crestview Doors, Neoporte’s Racerback door.

Nothing beats the formal simplicity of a flush front door. Here are three winning options, separated mostly by their price tags.

Budget: The Jeld-Wen composite unfinished flush slab door is engineered for durability with carefully selected raw materials. It has 1-3/4-inch frame thickness with a solid core and bare wood faces. The door can be stained or painted and offers reversible handing for flexible installation options. Hardware not included. $54.

Investment:Not finding what you want in a ready-made door? Create a custom look by adding architectural windows to a solid slab that's matched to your original door’s specs. New hardware, primer, and paint wrap up this DIY project. Matched and drilled door ($160). Crestview Langston Doorlite Kit ($537) and ball-doorknob hardware kit ($124). Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint and primer in one ($40).

Splurge: A contemporary take on the plain slab door is Neoporte’s Racerback model—a sheet of stainless steel accented with metal grommets that race up the center of the door. The company builds each door to order, and sidelites and transoms can be added for a total system. Nineteen door level styles and practical options including precision-machined peephole, solid stainless steel threshold, and a flush-mounted stainless steel doorbell. Starting at $11,750.