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asbestos tiles

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I have a Eichler in Walnut Creek built in '59 that has some tiles that are cracking and breaking up. I would like to get some replacements.

9x9 in size.

Where do I get them and whom can install? Please send recommendations directly to rbeams AT annamir DOT com

Please advise.

Joined: Apr 2 2003

I'm no expert but, since noone else has responded, I'll share some thoughts...

If those are old tiles, it is unlikely you will find replacement tiles that will match. Waxing, light exposure, even dye lots, make matching replacement tile to existing tile very difficult.

If those are not just old tile but *original* tiles, you might have a bigger issue. Armstrong tiles (one of the manufacturers Eichler used) from that era contained asbestos, a hazardous material. If the tiles are cracking and breaking up, they may becoming "friable"--basically meaning asbestos fibers (many times smaller than a human hair, I believe) can become airborne and be injested by inhabitants. No panic button at this point if the degradation is small but you probably don't want an infant crawling around.

You *might* find someone in your tract with similar colored original tile, but most people I know don't store the stuff once they remove it (for obvious reasons). So, since you're unlikely to match your existing tile, you'll need to decide on some other options.

I've heard that some flooring manufactuers/distributors will custom cut tile--that is, you could have today's standard 12" cut down to 9". That might allow you to selectively replace an area within a room (make a pattern) or a room within the house.

Removing the asbestos tile has been covered numerous times on this forum already so use the Search button at the top to read past postings.

Don't know if this helps.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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if you are just replacing a couple tiles, you can do it your self pretty easily. Look for Armstrong Commercial VCT tiles, Excelon line.

not an exact match, but fairly close. The tiles are 12x12, but you can cut them to 9x9. Follow guidelines for cleaning, surface prep, installation, and maintenance. Might be a good idea to strip and re-wax the area of the new tile as well.

the web site can advise you of a dealer. the dealer may be able to install or refer someone to install. If it's only a few tiles, don't be too concerned with asbestos removal. If it's more than a 100 sqft, then it becomes a greater issue, which a few here, including myself, have dealt with.

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We just bought an Eichler in Marin County. Contractors came in today to replace flooring and discovered three different layers of floor underneath, including what appears to be original tile. They removed all layers. I just read some of the postings about asbestos and am now concerned. Does anyone know of any post removal remedies that may help to rid the house of any dangerous fibers? Thanks.

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I am in the same boat as you audrey where contractor removed the original floor from my old house (about a year ago now). I didn't know anything about asbestos at that time too and found out after the fact. I have kids in the house too so I have been worried since then. They removed about 30 square feet of area. Does anyone have any idea if that contaminated my whole house or would the asbestos be still flying around and if settled now how much harm did i do to my kids' health???

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